EOI under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY 2016-20) GKRA

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from eligible and interested Training Providers for Short Term Training (STT) under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY) (2016-20) on the lines of Garib Kalyan Rojgar Yojna (GKRA)

1.  Background

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many migrant workers have returned to their respective home states. The pandemic has had an adverse impact on the overall workforce in India, especially for the migrant workers. Hon’ble Prime Minister, in “Mann Ki Baat” (31st May 2020) expressed the concern about the hardships through which the returnee migrants went through and outlined the country’s resolve to provide employment and succor to such citizens.

The Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan (GKRA) is a 125-day Abhiyaan, launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister on 20th June 2020, with a mission to address the challenges faced by returnee migrant workers and similarly affected rural population by Covid-19 pandemic. As on June 2, 2020 an estimated 67 lakhs migrant workers were recorded to have returned in the 116 districts identified across 6 States – Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. Through a multipronged strategy of providing immediate employment & livelihood opportunities to the distressed, GKRA aims to saturate the villages with public infrastructure, to create livelihood assets, to boost the income generation activities and to enhance long term livelihood opportunities with a focus on 25 works in 116 selected districts across 6 States with a resource envelope of Rs 50,000 crore.

2.   Key features: Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan (GKRA)

On the lines of the GKRA, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) plans to undertake demand driven skilling/ orientation under Centrally Sponsored and Centrally Managed (CSCM) component of  Pradhan  Mantri  Kaushal  Vikas  Yojana  (PMKVY)  2016-2020.  MSDE,  vide  letter  no.  D.O.  No.  SD-17/46/2020-SNP (PT), dated June 2, 2020, provided a provision to train 3 lakh migrant workers through collaboration with the concerned District Collectors/ District Magistrates/ Deputy Commissioners from the identified 116 districts.

The training to 1.5 lakh migrant workers will be provided under Short Term Training (STT) and orientation/certification to another 1.5 lakh migrant workers will be provided under Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) schemes of MSDE.   National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) shall facilitate the execution of training through the existing of Training providers and PIAs operating under PMKVY 2016-20 or state schemes. The demand aggregation for local jobs in the districts as well as the mobilization of returnee migrants for the purpose of training will be done by districts, initially. All effort will be made to organize training in locally demanded job roles. MSDE plans to conduct Skill training/ orientation and certification of these identified migrant workers within 125 days.

While selecting Job Roles for fresh training under STT under GKRA, the following factors have been considered (not exhaustive, only indicative):

  • Placement/job opportunity at the local/district level
  • Facilitation of bank loan to support self-employment
  • Matching of existing job roles available at the local Training Centers (TCs) and approved under PMKVY 2016-20 job roles list
  • Selection of suitable beneficiaries who are intending to stay in the district for at least 1 year.

3.  Instructions for applicants

The purpose of the EOI is to invite application from eligible and interested Training Providers to apply for demand-based job role training targets with the objective of imparting Short Term Training to the migrant- workers in applicable districts out of the 116 districts spread across the 6 states. The district-wise tentative targets to be allocated under this EOI are based on office memorandum issued by MSDE. F. No. SCH-13/04/2020-SNP dated 17th July 2020.

This section lays down  the key  instructions to be followed by the applicants while submitting the application:

3.1 The existing PMKVY training providers/ PMKK’s/ SSDM’s training providers/ Industry/ Corporate Centres fulfilling the eligibility/preference criteria are invited for application for demand-based training through this EOI. The applications will be accepted only during a fixed time.

3.2 All training centers allocated target under this EOI need to comply with all PMKVY 2016-2020 guidelines  including  Accreditation  and  Affiliation  for  all  centers  before  starting  the  Training programme and the readiness parameter as laid down in the subsequent sections

3.3 One Application per applicant can cover multiple districts. Each training center proposed by an applicant should contain the details of the sector for training along with job roles in which the applicant organization wishes to conduct trainings as per the district wise demanded Job role appended in Annexure 1. This list is tentative, and the updated list will be available at the EOI Portal.

3.4 The TP shall carefully apply amongst the applicable preference categories. Once applied no changes in the categories will be accepted. Furnishing application under incorrect category will lead to rejection of the application.

3.5 All applications will be evaluated as per the evaluation criteria post the submission cutoff date

3.6 Post Approval by competent authority, the successful applicant organizations will be intimated and may be invited for signing of an MoU/contract/indemnity bond.

3.7 Post the allocation of targets, the applicant organizations can start training in proposed centers only after successful accreditation and affiliation of each training center under Skill India Portal and obtaining 4/5-star rating in accordance with the center accreditation or affiliation guidelines. In- case of Special areas as defined in common norms, valid relaxations will be applicable.

3.8 The performance of the applicant organizations allocated targets would be monitored for quality aspect of Training, placement and other factors as per PMKVY 2016-2020 guidelines.

3.9 Sub-contracting, sub-letting, franchisee arrangement of any kind for the conduct of training under GKRA is NOT allowed for any Organization/promoters of organization. If such cases are identified or brought to the notice of NSDC, then NSDC reserves the right to initiate any and all actions, not limited to, cancellation of the allocated targets at any time, but future allotments/engagements with the TP.

3.10  PMKVY guidelines to be referred for more clarification in case of any ambiguity.

3.11  NSDC has issued this EOI for shortlisting TPs/ TC for implementation of the GKRA project (under PMKVY 2.0) of MSDE based on limited targets and allocation guidelines as enumerated in OM of MSDE dated 17th July 2020. Hence following should be noted:

3.11.1   NSDC does not guarantee target allocation to any/ all organization/training providers applying through this EOI.

3.11.2   Any  applicant organization that is not qualifying the  eligibility criteria (Annexure 3) will  be disqualified at any stage during evaluation without any liability, whatsoever.

3.11.3   This EOI doesn’t encourage creation of any new training infrastructure specifically for imparting training under GKRA/PMKVY. As only TC with ready infrastructure will be preferred considering the limited project timelines and one cycle allocation potential.

3.11.4   NSDC shall in no case be responsible or liable for the costs/ expenses being incurred by a TP/ TC while applying, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the application process.

4.  Instructions to applicants for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Subject to approval from MSDE, only those Training Providers (TPs) who are selected for STT target allocation under GKRA, as a result of this EOI process, may be considered for RPL target allocation under GKRA. The allocation for RPL will be as per the numbers allocated for a district under GKRA, job role wise   RPL   demand received for a   district,   and the approved allocation matrix by MSDE.  Preference for RPL allocation will be given to the job roles in which STT GKRA allocation will be done, RPL targets may be allocated in other job roles as well. TPs who are unwilling to take up RPL may mention this during their EOI response.

Submission of Application

The interested and the eligible organizations can submit the application by the following process:

  • The interested applicants will need to submit the details by filling the online application form at the EOI portal and uploading the requisite documents. The link for accessing the EOI portal will be published under the notice section of PMKVY website (http://pmkvyofficial.org/) tentatively on or before 04th September 2020.
  • The last date for application will be 15th September 2020, 6 P.M
  • The schedule for the application submission is highlighted in the table below:

In case the eligibility conditions of the applicant organization do not suffice the condition set by this EOI, NSDC has the right to reject the application without any notice/communication.

Tender Fee: Not Applicable