RFP for providing Skill Training under PMKVY 3.0 Special Projects under CSCM Component


Link to apply for the PMKVY 3.0 Special Project: https://specialprojectrfp.nsdcindia.org/Home.aspx

LAST DATE EXTENDED TILL 17/05/2021 UPTO 6.00 PM, CLICK FOR NOTIFICATION: Deadline Extensions for RFP under PMKVY 3.0 CSCM-Special Projects (skillspedia.in)

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) invites proposals from organizations that meet the eligibility criteria as mentioned in the PMKVY 3.0 under Special Projects category of Central Component of PMKVY 3.0 as per extant provisions of PMKVY 3.0 Guidelines. The Guidelines and the RFP document are available at www.nsdcindia.org.

The scheme will be implemented in accordance with Guidelines for PMKVY 3.0 (2020 -21) which can be accessed at MSDE’S website- https://www.msde.gov.in/sites/default/files/202101/PMKVY%20Guideline%20report_(06-01-2021)_V5.pdf

Attention is drawn to the Chapter- 4 (Special Projects) of the PMKVY3.0 Guidelines.

Interested applicants will need to submit the details by filling the online application form on the RFP portal and uploading the requisite documents. The link for accessing the RFP portal will be published under the ‘Notice’ section of NSDC https://nsdcindia.org/notice-current.

No other form of submission including hard copy will be entertained.

Training during the Pandemic: SPIAs may strictly abide by the SOP Guidelines of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) during the tenure of the project on preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19 in training centres. The guidelines may be accessed at

Timelines for submitting applications for organisations are as under:

PMKVY 3.0 Special Project component of CSCM is a short duration scheme with limited targets. Applicants are requested to apply for three month implementation time.

All queries / clarifications sought may be addressed to [email protected]


Fitment of project proposal – Type of projects that can be taken up under Special projects will be strictly as per Scheme guidelines. The same can be accessed at https://www.msde.gov.in/sites/default/files/2021-01/PMKVY%20Guideline%20report_(06-012021)_V5.pdf refer to Chapter 4 Section 2 of the Guidelines PMKVY 3.0 (20-21).

Eligibility criteria for applicant organization

1. The average annual turnover of the Applicant organization in the last three financial years should be at least 25% of the total project cost proposed.
2. The Applicant organization should have a positive net worth successively in the last two financial years.
3. The Applicant organization should be at least a three year old organization.
4. The Applicant organization should have at least one year experience in implementing projects in the proposed sector (s).
5. The Applicant organization should not have been blacklisted by NSDC, government or any other government body.
6. Applicant organization should possess a valid letter of recommendation from concerned authorities containing details of job role wise targets proposed, in case application is being made on behalf of a government institution.
7. If Applicant organization is an NGO, it should possess a valid registration with NITI Aayog’s NGO Darpan portal.
8. If Applicant organization is an Academic institution, it is eligible to apply only for job roles of NSQF level 5 and above.
9. Some flexibility shall be accorded in eligibility criteria for parameters that are not applicable such as annual turnover, net worth, etc. only for ministries/ government departments who are direct applicants and propose to be Special Project Implementing Agency (SPIA).

Proposals are being invited across following three themes-

1. Inclusion – projects targeting vulnerable communities and difficult areas as per guidelines.

2. Innovation/ Academic Institutions – projects promoting innovation in skill-training life cycle as well as proposals targeting training in higher NSQF job roles of level 5 and above.

3. International Placements – projects from members of India International Skill Centres (IISCs) to provide skill training and ensure international placements, thereafter.


1. Applicant organization will have to register on online RFP portal accessible at NSDC website (www.nsdcindia.org).
2. A list of formats is provided as Annexures which required to be filled up and uploaded on online RFP portal at the time of submitting the application.

Proposal Processing Fee

1. A non-refundable one-time TP registration fee of INR 1,000 (One Thousand Rupees only) will be charged per Applicant Organization.
2. A proposal fee of INR 500 (Five Hundred only) will be charged per proposal submission.
3. Fees may be submitted through any one of the multiple modes of online payment available on the project application portal. Service/payment gateway charges are exclusive of this fee.
4. If the Applicant found to be ineligible as per eligibility criteria defined in the RFP, the amount paid shall not be refunded.
5. Proposal processing fee shall be waived off where government undertakings/ entities are direct applicants and propose to be the Special Projects Implementing Agency (SPIA).