RFP for Training Under Digital India Corporation Funded Scheme for the Year 2020-25

Textile Sector Skill Council (TSC) invites RFP for Training in desired format from training providers to impart training under the Digital India Corporation sponsored program aimed towards empowering such Handloom Weavers & Artisans of North-East India through technological up-gradation who have not taken part in any skill development earlier. Program shall be implemented in six north-eastern states over the consecutive four years, as follows:

1-3 years: 4 states (Meghalaya, Manipur, Assam and Tripura)

2-4 years: 2 states (Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim)

Training providers are required to impart training, at their empanelled training centres affiliated for required job roles, under the RPL program having 80 hr bridge course focusing on the usage of DigiBunai™  Software for the betterment of livelihood opportunities for candidates related to following job roles:

• Textile Designer – Handloom Jacquard (TSC/Q7403)

• Two Shaft Handloom Weaver (TSC/Q7303)

• Jacquard Weaver – Handloom (TSC/Q7306)

• Handloom Entrepreneur (TSC/Q7801)

The RPL+Bridge course will lead to certification of the candidate on TSC QP Textile  Designer-Handloom Jacquard (TSC/Q7403).

Training  providers, Institutions, Handloom  Societies  and Associations  having, a)  good track record of conducting skilling programmes  and b) fulfilling the criteria of affiliation as Training provider as given on TSC website (http://texskill.in/training-partners/get-affiliated-as-training-partners/ ) for the relevant job role may submit the proposal in the desired format by email at [email protected] and [email protected]  latest by 24.11.2020. (NOTE: Last Date has been extended till 07.12.2020)

The training program should make the Handloom Weavers/Artisans competent on   DigiBunai™ CATD (Computer-Aided TextileDesigning) and enhance the products with optimized production process, lesser labour in weaving preparatory, time-saving in production, increase the market price of their products, reduction of human generated faults in products while preserving the Handloom Heritage of India.

Under the program, training providers will undertake field testing and deploy   DigiBunai™  in their affiliated training centres/weaver’s premises. Training Partners must ensure generating self-employment for a minimum of 50 % of designers/weavers after training and employing new technology platform.

Training providers are required to assist TSC in following activities:

1.   Creating awareness among Handloom weavers, designers and Entrepreneurs about DigiBunai™  through awareness/sensitization workshops, users’ training/feedback sessions

2.   Establishing linkages with weavers, designers, textile institutes/training centres, design centres, state Line Departments and other agencies/organizations involved in textile/handloom related activities during the implementation of the project.

3.   Getting feedback from the Handloom Weavers & Artisans about the   DigiBunai™  platform and suggesting areas for improvement/enhancement in the platform.

4.   Creating a repository of designs, weaves, fabrics and garments created during the training/feedback sessions.

5.   Gathering requirement for the enhancement of the weaving application as per local need of the weavers/ designers such as, local Language, motifs, pre-loom process etc.

6.   Developing user manuals and training material in local dialects/languages.

7.   Introducing the local Language for the front end of the  DigiBunai software

8.   Sub titling of operational videos in local Language.

9.   Categorizing and tagging of the location specific designs

Interested Training Providers can submit their proposals in the desired format by email at [email protected] and [email protected] latest by 24.11.2020. (NOTE: Last Date has been extended till 07.12.2020)

To download the detailed RFP for Training and other terms and conditions click HERE