CLARIFICATION to Request for Proposal from Govt. Organizations under SEEKHO AUR KAMAO Scheme

Maulana Azad Education Foundation (MAEF) has published a request for proposal document on 25.08.2020 for inviting the proposals from Government Organizations including Autonomous Bodies of the Government for Empanelment as Programme Implementing Agencies (PIAs) under ‘Seekho aur Kamao’ scheme of Ministry of Minority Affairs.

The following paras of the RFP Document will be applicable only for Private Organizations, if engaged by Government Organization/ Autonomous Bodies for implementation of said project under Seekho aur Kamao scheme:

        Para No.3 (Eligibility Criteria) for Private Organizations: The organization should have been active and operational in the field of Skill Development and vocational training for a minimum of three years as on 15th September 2020.

        Para No.4 (Eligibility Criteria) for Private Organizations: “The organization should have a total turnover of ₹ 2.00 Crore or more in the past three consecutive years. The organization is required to submit a copy of audited financials for the last three years along with a Certificate for Turnover of the organization issued by the Chartered Accountant.”

        Para No.5 (Eligibility Criteria) for Private Organizations: “The organization should have trained minimum, 200 trainees, in each year for 3 years and have provided placement to not less than 75% of total trained in the last three (3) years. The details should be furnished by the organization.”

       Para No.8 (Eligibility Criteria) for Private Organizations:   “MAEF specifically prohibits the organization to Lease /sub- lease/ outsource/ franchise the skill development programme sanctioned by MAEF at any stage. In instance of Lease/ sub- lease/outsource/ franchise of any activity related to training program will lead to disqualification and blacklisting of the organization. Similarly, intimation will be made to all  other  stakeholders  including  Ministries/ Departments  of  the  Central  and  State Governments and other penal action as per law, will also be taken against such organization. An undertaking to this effect shall be furnished by organization. The training center should be under the banner of implementing agencies itself”.

        Para No.3 (Scope of Work) for Private Organizations:: “The Organization should have Accreditation & Affiliation Certificate/ Letter of Registration (LoR) issued by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), If not available the organization will get it issued before commencement of the training programme.”

      Para No.14 (Scope of Work) for Private Organizations: “Trainers with suitable qualifications/ experience being hired and each trainer should have undergone Training of Trainers (ToT).”

       Para  No.  3  (Funding  Norms)  for  Private  Organizations:  The  organization  shall maintain a separate bank account in a nationalized/scheduled Bank in respect of grant sanctioned by MAEF.

        Details mentioned in the Prescribed Format at Point No. 3. Brief profile of the organization 2 & 3 and 4. Financial Details of the organization is applicable for Private Organizations engaged by Government Organization/ Autonomous Bodies of Government.


Incharge, Skills, MAEF

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