EOI for Rural Mason Training under Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin-CHHATTISGARH


Rural Development Department, Government of Chhattisgarh invites expression of interest in the form of project proposals from reputed Training Providers (TPs) accredited & affiliated with Construction Skill Development Council (CSDC) of India and National Skill Development Council (NSDC) to provide training for Rural Masons for construction of houses under Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana – Gramin in Chhattisgarh State. The training must be carried out on-the-job at selected PMAY-G house sites as per the Qualification Pack version-2 for Rural Masons approved by the National Skill Development Council, New Delhi.

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The scope of work, terms and conditions, etc. are given in the detailed in Eol Information Document, which can be downloaded from  and

For Tender Preparation support or for any query please call SKILLSPEDIA.IN 702-47-48-999

The proposal may be submitted to:

The Director, Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Grarnin, Directorate Vikash Bhawan, 1st Floor, Sector-19, Nava Raipur, Atal Nagar latest by 05:00 P.M. on 24/08/2023 along with all supporting documents. The Envelop should clearly mention “Project Proposal for Providing Training for Rural Masons”


PMAY-G aims to provide a pucca house with basic amenities to all houseless and households living in kutcha and dilapidated house by 2024 and ensure construction of quality houses. The house shall be constructed or got constructed by the beneficiary himself/herself under PMAY-G. The target of 1,57,815 house construction has been given to the Chhattisgarh State for the financial year 2020-21 and 79,000 houses for financial year 2022-23 under PMAY-G. For year 2020-21 & 2022-23, All districts house-cum- training sites shall be made available for training of Rural Masons by the district authority. The number of house-cum-training sites may be increased/decreased as per requirements.

The cost of the Eol is Rs. 5,000/- (Rupee Five thousand only) to be submitted vide Demand Draft in the name of Director Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin Chhattisgarh, (In separate envelop) which would be not refundable.

Scope of Work

The work  involves providing largely on-the-job training and facilitating assessment of candidates at selected PMAY-G sites (house-cum-on the job training sites) as per the Rural Mason Qualification Pack version-2 approved by National Skill Development Council (NSDC)

The Training Providers/Training Institutions may also need to provide necessary reading materials in local language required for training. The medium of instruction for the training and the reading material shall be in Hindi, preferably with local dialect. The training course shall be delivered based on an approved building design, contents and schedule approved by the competent authority.

The trainers/demonstrators should be qualified (as  per MoRD,  Gol guidelines for the Rural Mason QP version-2 in the construction sector) and CSDCI certified (or certified from any agency/institution etc. recognized as per the guidelines of the MoRD, GoI) and eligible for imparting training to Rural Masons as per the prescribed QP-NOS.

The lead trainers/ supervisors to be deputed shall also be qualified (as per MoRD, GoI guidelines for the Rural Mason QP in the construction sector) and   CSDCI certified (or certified from any agency/institution etc. recognized as per the guidelines of the MoRD, Gol), eligible and experienced in dealing/handling the similar jobs relevant to the training of Rural Masons and construction of houses. Certificate of same must be produced by the TP in their proposals.

The Training module for the Rural Mason Qualification pack version-2 is for an estimated training duration of 49 person days considering 8 hours of work per day. However, additional days may be considered for very difficult terrains, prevailing local conditions etc. based on the assessment of the state.

At each  house-cum-training    site  5 selected trainees (semi skilled persons) from the rural area shall be given training by an exclusive qualified certified trainer (as stated above) along with a supervisor who may be deputed for not more than 3 such training sites.

The training shall involve on-the-job/practical component (approximately 70%) and theory (approximately 30%) with all the necessary tools and methods appropriate to the context.

Eligibility Criteria for Training Providers/Training Institutions

The Training Providers/Training Institutions should meet the following basic criteria:

1. The Training Providers/Training Institutions should be a registered entity accredited &  affiliated by CSDC India and NSDC both.

2. The Training Providers/Training Institutions should have completed projects of similar nature during the last 3 years .i.e. FY 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23.

3. The Training Providers/fraining Institutions should have duly allotted PAN/ GST.

4. The Training providers/ Training Institutions should have minimum 6 trainers (live certificates).

The Project Proposal must clearly specify the number and name of qualified, certified trainers/ demonstrators as well as supervisors/ lead trainers available for deployment for the said training. Expression of interest must also include a tentative list of districts with blocks where the agency has verifiable presence for ease of work.

Terms and Conditions (Enclose authenticate supporting documents where necessary)

1.  Training providers/Training Institutions already registered/Working with the PMAY-G Chhattisgarh, They need not to Apply/Participate in EOI (Expression of Interest).

2. The Training providers/Training Institutions who have registered office in State Chhattisgarh, only Eligible for participation in EOI.

3.  The  Training  Providers/Training    Institutions   has  to submit  the  detailed  project  proposal  which should  include  important  details  such  as   past  experience,   list of deliverables,   complete   list of trainers  with  their  qualifications   and  experience,   detailed  implementation   plan,  list  of  reading material  to be provided,  audio – visual material  (if any) etc.

4.  The Training Providers/Training Institutions should have registration under CSOCI and have trained at least 1000 trainees.

5. The Training Providers/Training Institutions/trust/firm/company should have an annual turnover of at  least Rs. 80.00 lakh per annum for the past three years. (i.e. in 3 years more than 250.00 lakhs)

6.  The medium of instruction shall be Hindi and expected delivery also in regional dialects where it is a necessity  to the trainees.

7.  The Training Providers/Training Institutions will be fully responsible  for developing the training schedule to cover the Rural Mason QP within 49 working  days at the rate 8 hrs/day.

8.  Deployment  plan for each site must be submitted  as part of the bid.

9.  The Training Providers/Training Institutions will also be responsible for facilitating assessment by way of requesting CSDCI to appoint qualified and certified assessors and provide the necessary infrastructure and materials for assessment. The assessment will be alone  through CSDCI  Assessment bodies (or through any assessing body(s) recognized as per the guidelines of the MoRD, Gol). The Training Provider shall not be an assessing  body.

I 0.  The Training  Providers/Training Institutions shall not be blacklisted, self certificate is to be submitted along with affiliation.

11. The Training Providers/Training Institutions shall not appoint or authorized any franchise (s) for important training assigned to them. If such complaints found then the TP may be blacklisted and the work given to them shall be withdrawn.

12. The  selected  Training  Providers/Training Institutions shall have to deposit the amount (5% of the total work order) in the form of Fixed Deposits in the name of Director PMAY-G, Chhattisgarh Nava Raipur, Atal Nagar for Minimum 2 years Validity.

13. The state authority reserves  the rights to assign target  and allotment  and they  should  preferably have Trainers  from  Chhattisgarh  State. The Training  Providers/Training   Institutions  shall not be an  assessment   body  of  districts   for  imparting   training   of  trainees   to  the  selected  Training Providers/  Training  Institutions.

14. The  project  proposal  will be screened  on the  basis  of past  experience  and  track  record  of the organization, authentic supporting   documents, best project plan and quality that will be determined by the selection committee through the presentation made by  the the Training Providers/Training Institutions  if required.

15. Financial,  training  norms,  terms &  conditions  etc. shall be as per the guidelines  of the MoRD  as & when amended.

16.  The selection  committee  shall hold the rights for any change/modification/relaxation in the terms and condition  for awarding/rejecting   the contract.

17. The  decision  of  selection/cancellation of  the  Training Providers/training Institutions or rates shall be taken  by the selection  committee  and shall be final and binding on all concerned.

18. Rural  Development  Department,   Government   of  Chhattisgarh   reserves   the  right  to  accept  or reject  any  or all  the  application  at  any  stage  of the  selection  procedure   without  assigning  any reason thereof.

19.  The  successful   Training  Providers!fraining     Institutions   will  have  to  sign  a contract   with  the district  administration  where the training  will be undertaken.

20.  In  case   of   unsatisfactory    work   during   any   stage   of  implementation    of  the   contract,   the concerning  district  administration   reserves  the right to cancel  the contract  by providing  a notice of 10 days.

21. The  assessment  shall be conducted  within  15 days  of completion  of training.  If not appropriate penalty  will be laid(@   10% of training  cost of /trainees/day).

22.   All Selected  Training  providers/  Training  Institutions   must give their Progress  report  weekly to State Office/District   Office.

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