EOI to Partner as Captive Employers Under DDU-GKY- HSRLM Haryana


HSRLM invites “Expression of Interest” from the eligible agencies to submit “Expression of Interest (EoI) to Partner with HSRLM under DDU-GKY as Captive Employers” assignment in Haryana state.

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Key Dates

Data Sheet

Salient Features of Captive Employers

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a)   Training courses may be implemented by the Industry/Employer  as per the requirement of the industry to train the candidate with minimum 576 hours of skilling and maximum 2304 hours of skilling for which DDU-GKY  Funding shall be made available.  The courses selected by the industry mandatorily be NSQF aligned.

b)  Captive Employment to be provided for the minimum period of 6 months’ post completion of training preferably in the trained job role or any higher-level job role.

c)   The payment to the employer/industry shall be in reimbursement form. The Captive employers shall be paid in three instalments as defined in the Payout Model section of Captive Employment guidelines.

d)  Mandatory external assessment of trainees needs to be conducted.

e)   Performance Guarantee is not required to be submitted by Captive Employers

Advantage of Captive  Employers under DDU-GKY

a)   The  Captive  Employer  can  provide  the  training  to  rural  youths  in  their  own  premises, however it is mandated to have the required set-up for the opted job role as per National Skill Qualification Framework and branding of DDU-GKY

b)  Captive Employer MoU with MoRD shall be for a period of three years.

c)   Captive Employers shall get topmost priority in target allocation by State.

  1. Category  ‘A’  status  amongst  PIAs  (Project  Implementation Agencies/  Training Partners. (Refer to Section 4.7, Table 5, 1, c) of the Program Guidelines
  2. Second  highest  priority  amongst  the  eight  sub-categories  of  Category  ‘A’  PIAs (Refer 5.12 of the guidelines)
  3. An inter-se priority as a Category ‘A’ PIA over categories B and C
  4. Captive Employers will have waiver of QA Process, QA Fees, Due Diligence of Training center and other  mandates  of  DDU-GKY  SoP.  However,  regular conducted may be done during the training period
  5. Performance Guarantee will not be applicable for Captive Employers

Key Expectations from Captive Employers

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