Ministry of Rural Development Revises the Reimbursement Costs under Few Heads

The Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) through its Notification No: 16/2020 revises the reimbursement costs under the heads- Uniform Cost, Post Placement Support Cost and Food and Transport cost for non-residential courses.

This is with reference to Chapter 3 of DDU-GKY program guidelines section, regarding cost
norms for PIA Activities.

Table 1: Indicative unit Training Cost per candidate of basic sub-components under DDU-GKY for courses of different duration of DDU-GKY Guidelines regarding cost norms of 3. Uniforms, 4. Post Placement Support cost and 6. Food and Transport for non-residential Courses and Rural Skills Division of MoRD has accordingly revised the cost norms.

The revised cost norms shall be applicable to the projects sanctioned on or after the date of Notification. The new application cost norms for sub-component mentioned above are as follows:

S. No.Item3 Months (576 Hours)6 Months (1152 Hours)6 Months (1728 Hours)12 Months (2304 Hours)
3.Uniform (1 set for trainings less than or equal to 6 months and 2 sets for more months)1270127025402540
4.Post Placement Support (provided to candidates through PIAs)
A)Within District of Domicile (Rs. 1270 per month for 2 months)2540254025402540
B)Within State of Domicile (Rs. 1270 per month for 3 months)3810381038103810
C)Outside State of Domicile (Rs. 1270 per month for 6 months)7620762076207620
6.Food and Transport cost per Candidate for Non-Residential Courses11700234003510046800