RFP- Empanelment of Implementing Partners under SAMARTH Scheme

The Ministry of Textiles invites RFP to empanel Textile Industry / Textile Industry Associations registered under Central/ State Government/Chambers of Commerce of Central/ State as Implementing Partners (IPs) to undertake training programmes in the Technical Textiles Sector under Samarth Scheme.

  1. Introduction
    (i) The textile and apparel industry is one of the earliest industries developed in India. Its entire value chain from fiber to apparel manufacturing has a strong presence within the country. It is the biggest employer after agriculture. In order to meet the skill gap in the industry and also to supplement the efforts of the Ministry initiated through the Special Package for Garments and Made-ups in generating employment, the Government has approved the new scheme titled “Scheme for Capacity Building in Textiles Sector” for the entire value chain of textiles except Spinning and Weaving in the organized sector, for a period of three years from 2017-18 to 2019-20 with an outlay of Rs. 1300 crore. The Scheme for Capacity Building in Textile Sector shall be known by the name “समर्(Samarth)”.
    (ii) The scheme targets to train 10 lakh persons (9 lakh in Organized& 1 lakh in traditional sector).
    (iii) With the increasing demand of skilled manpower in technical textiles segments and also its requirement in various applications ranging from agriculture, geotextiles, medical textiles, sportswear on one end to bulletproof jacket, fireproof jackets, high altitude combat gear and space applications on other end of spectrum, Ministry is launching a Request for Proposal (RFP) for empanelling Implementing Partners to provide employment linked skilling programme in specialized courses in technical textiles segment.
  1. Objectives
    (i) To provide demand driven, placement oriented National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) compliant skilling programmes to incentivize and supplement the efforts of the industry in creating jobs in the technical textiles segment.
  2. Terms and Conditions
    (i) The Ministry through this RFP intends to empanel Textile Industry / Textile Industry Associations registered under Central/ State Government/Chambers of Commerce of Central/ State as Implementing Partners (IPs) to undertake training programmes in the Technical Textiles Sector on the terms and conditions as stipulated in the scheme guidelines which have been issued on 23rd April, 2018 and as amended from time to time.

(ii) The empanelment of Implementing Partners will be based on the following parameters:
a. Organization credentials.
b. Financial strength.

(iii) Empanelment of the agencies will be provisional and target for training under the scheme will be awarded to the agency subject to the availability of the training target, budget and training capacity as laid down by the Ministry from time to time.

(iv) Trainees under the scheme will be selected through a transparent and inclusive process. The trainee must be a citizen of India possessing an Aadhaar Card (unless exempted under Aadhaar Act, 2016) with age over 14 years. Preference will be given to the marginalized social groups like women, SC/ST, differently-abled persons, minorities and persons from the BPL category.
(v) A minimum of 80% attendance during training is mandatory for a trainee to be eligible for assessment. Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System integrated with centralized MIS will be adopted to ensure real-time attendance of the trainers and the trainees.

(vi) Infrastructure for conduct of Training: The IP must possess the requisite training infrastructure as attached with this RFP and also laid down in the Training Centre(TC) infrastructure protocol downloadable form the Samarth website(https://samarth-textiles.gov.in)

(vii) Trainer: Each of the training centre will be run by a qualified trainer and support staff. The capacity of the trainers shall be enhanced through a comprehensive Training of Trainers (ToT) Programme. Training of Trainers will be conducted by the Resource Support Agency (RSA) of Samarth and Sector Skill Councils in line with the common norms and guidelines of MSDE.

(viii) Course Content: Only the courses which are aligned with NSQF and approved by the RSA will be offered to the trainees. The content for each course/programme shall be need-based to meet the highest standards and requirements of the related industry segment, including awareness about labour laws, and will be designed by the RSA in consultation with the industry. Use of multimedia content and other applications of Information Technology (IT) would be encouraged.

(ix) Mandatory CCTV recording has to be done for the entire training programme. Recordings have to be kept by Implementing Partners (IP) for a minimum period of one year from the date of completion of training programme.

(x) Assessment and Certification: Third-Party Assessment and Certification will be mandatory for all the eligible trainees. The RSA will specify the assessment protocol and procedure in +line with the Common Norms of the MSDE. Assessment Agencies will be required to ensure video recording of the entire assessment process and record to be kept for one year from date of assessment.

(xi) Placement: The IP shall provide placement to 70% of successfully certified trainees, trained in organized sector under the scheme in wage employment.

(xii) Post Placement Tracking: Each trainee will be tracked by the IP for a period of one year from the date of certification of training. The IP will be required to upload the details of placement and tracking on MIS every month along with the supporting documentary proof.

(xiii) Funding: The assistance under the scheme will be only towards the cost heads (refer para 7.4.1. of the scheme guidelines) covered under the Common Norms of the MSDE and agreed to by the Ministry under this scheme. Detailed costing of training programme under “Samarth” may be referred to at annexure-III of the scheme guidelines.

(xiv) Where any implementing partner is already obtaining assistance from GOI or State Government under any other scheme for any cost component or where Government infrastructure is involved in the training, appropriate deduction from GOI share shall be made as per the cost norms notified by MSDE from time to time.

(xv) Sub-contracting / sub-letting of the training programme, fully or partially under the scheme is strictly prohibited. Any direct or indirect evidence of subcontracting / sub-letting will result in cancellation of the training target allocated to the agency and will also attract penalty under the agreement and including forfeiture of Performance security.

(xvi) In the case of Textile Industry units, allocation of training target is for meeting the captive requirement of skilled manpower in their Industry units.

(xvii) In the case of Industry Associations allocation of training target is for meeting the captive requirement of skilled manpower of its Member/ Partners.

(xviii) Textile Industry can either submit application directly for empanelment or can participate in the training programme under the banner of Industry Association / Chamber of Commerce etc., subject to fulfilling eligibility criteria as per the para 4 of the RFP.

(xix) The empanelment of agencies will be valid till March, 2021.

(xx) For more details in respect of any point, please refer to the scheme guidelines issued on 23rd April, 2018 as amended from time to time (available at www.texmin.nic.in/ or Samarth website: https://samarth-textiles.gov.in).

  1. Minimum Qualification Criteria
    4.1 Types of Applicant
    The skilling programme will be implemented through the following Implementing Partners and they would be in existence as such for a period of at least five years:
  • A company engaged in production of textile related item in India as per MOA, which is incorporated under Indian Companies Act.
  • An Industry Association related with Textile Sector
  • Chamber of Commerce registered with Ministry / Department under Central or State Government.

4.2 Minimum Turnover

Processing Fee: INR 25,000/- (non-refundable) in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of Pay and Accounts Officer, Ministry of Textiles, New Delhi.

Last Date: 22/10/2020

To download the RFP and detailed terms and conditions please click below link: