RFP for Empanelment of Agencies to Provide Training Services-NICSI



As a key player in advancing technology and skill development, NICSI is excited to announce the commencement of a Request for Proposal (RFP) seeking the empanelment of agencies to provide comprehensive “Training Services.” The purpose is to empanel reputed firms having relevant experience to deliver as per the requirement of NICSI/NIC and/or its client.

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NICSI seek agencies capable of offering “Course Designing & Training/Lecture Services for University/College Students as Course Work Classroom.” The goal is to engage partners who can create and deliver courses seamlessly integrated with academic curricula, providing students with a holistic and enriching learning experience. Secondly, we are interested in collaborating with agencies specializing in “Participation/Certification Based Training Services for Govt. Employees.” This category focuses on enhancing the skills and competencies of our public service workforce, ensuring they are well equipped to meet the challenges of governance effectively.

Lastly, we invite agencies adept at providing both “Conducting General & Application-Based Specific Training.” In a world characterized by constant change, this category is designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and organizations, empowering them with the latest knowledge and skills relevant to their respective domains.

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The empanelled bidders will provide training/consultancy services anywhere in India. Interested parties may view and download the tender document containing the detailed terms & conditions, free of cost from the NICSI’s e-procurement site Bidder should be an individual organization i.e., a single bidding entity. Consortiums/Joint Venture/ subsidiaries are not allowed. The credentials of subsidiaries or affiliated companies will not be considered for the evaluation.


  1. The agencies who have vast experience in the field of computer training will be considered for empanelment for imparting “General and Application Specific Computer Training” in the Government Sector at all-India level.
  2. As part of training activity, the empanelled agencies will provide competent faculty, infrastructure, course-ware both agency developed and subject certified literature by original software developers. Also appropriate refreshment & lunch arrangements will be made by them. The agencies will impart such training at any place in India either at their own premises or at the user’s premises. However, it may be noted that Application Specific Training would be conducted only at user’s premises and not at agency premise.
  3. In places where neither the empanelled agencies nor the user have their own infrastructure for conducting the training, the empanelled agency will organize adequate infrastructure for the training at mutually agreed site.
  4. Four levels of training have been identified, and are as follows:
    i. Basic Level – for the beginners
    ii. Intermediate Level – for officials with basic IT knowledge
    iii. Advanced Level – for IT professionals
    iv. Application Specific Training – for officials with basic IT Knowledge
    For certain training programmes, the vendor may be required to prepare / arrange preparation of CBT CD customized to training requirements at an additional cost. This capability of the vendor will not be part of eligibility criteria, but added technical information about the vendor. As and when CBT CDs required to be prepared for certain training programme, specifications will be finalized by NICSI and quotations will be asked from the empanelled agencies. The job will be executed at L1 by all the empanelled agencies. Adequate time will be provided for CBT CD preparation.
    The training module should be designed with flexibility, incorporating various instructional methods such as interactive lectures, online sessions, audiovisual games, on-the-job training, case studies, pre-post assessments, brainstorming sessions, concept checks, role plays, and PowerPoint presentations, as deemed necessary based on the specific requirements of the training sessions.
    The training module, which may include the aforementioned instructional methods as needed, will be structured with three distinct levels—basic, intermediate, and advanced. Participants will have the flexibility to select the training level that aligns with their specific requirements and proficiency, ensuring a tailored learning experience.


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