RFP for Selection of Service Provider for Providing Training on Soft Skill in Schools & Colleges of Rajasthan in Online Mode


Professional Consultancy firms/service providers are invited to submit unconditional Technical and Financial Proposals (Bids) to Rajasthan Skill & Livelihoods development corporation for “Selection of Service Provider for providing training on Soft Skill to students of Govt. ITI’s & Selected Schools & colleges of Rajasthan in online mode”.

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Brief particulars of procurement are given below:

RFP can be downloaded from:

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Eligibility Criteria / Pre-qualification

In order to participate in the bidding process, the agencies/firms must fulfil the following eligibility &
technical criteria (individually or in JV):
The Bidder shall meet the below criteria as mandatory requirements/ eligibility criteria

1.) It shall be a company registered in India under the Companies Act or a partnership firm registered under the Partnership Act, or an LLP Registered as Limited Liability Partnership or a proprietorship firm and operating for at least 10 years as on date of the publishing of RFP.
2.) The bidder must have a valid GST registration & PAN Card.

3.) The bidder should not be currently blacklisted by any agency of the central /State Government, Public Sector Undertaking.
4.) The bidder should possess valid ISO 9001:2015
5.) Bidder’s average annual turnover from Indian operations in the last three financial years (FY 2019-20, 2020-21, and 2021-22) should be at least 50 Cr.
6.) The Bidder should have experience of at least one completed/ ongoing assignments with value more than 5 Cr. in central or state government department in last 3 years in the field of skill development/ Capacity Building / employment generation.
7.) The bidder should have experience of at least one project (completed/ongoing) in Rajasthan for any government department in the field of skill development/capacity building/ employment generation in last three years. The value of such assignment should be at least 10 Crore.

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The technical bids of only those bidders will be evaluated which meets the eligibility criteria and they will be invited to give a presentation as a part of technical evaluation round.

Technical Evaluation consists of two parts: Part A & Part B.


Technical presentation – 30 Marks

The bidders which will qualify the pre-qualification criteria will be invited to give a technical presentation in front of the committee set up by the Rajasthan Skill & Livelihood development corporation. This technical presentation shall include the brief of the organization, work experience, understanding of scope of work, Implementation strategy, suggestions of improvement in scope of work, etc.

The technical presentation need not to be a part of the technical proposal and the presentation shall take place at the pre decided date, time, Venue. Technical presentation should not include any details of the financial proposal of the bidder otherwise the bidder will be disqualified.

Total of Part A & B: 70 + 30 = 100 Marks

Scope of Work

Major activities under this assignment shall include:

• Training to the Trainees (students) from Govt. ITIs & Selected Schools & colleges of Rajasthan.
• Implementing Agency will be responsible for regular training, monitoring, and assessment of the students.
• Development of e-learning portal for the Delivery of training with e-learning content through Learning Management System.
• The Portal should have features like User Registration, Module Description, Assignment, Assessment, Training Sessions, Online Test etc.
• Development of e-learning Content for topics as given in Annexure-A below.
• Providing login credentials to each student, Faculty, Admin, with appropriate rights.
• E-learning content shall contain e books, video lectures, assignments, lecture notes and online tests.
• The platform utilized for the delivery of the online training shall be user friendly and compatible with mobile as well as Desktop/ laptop.
• The Agency shall arrange for the Portal and e-learning content for training of soft skill.

• The portal shall be robust enough to handle high number of user access to the data.
• The trainers should also be available for clearing any doubts and providing learning assistance to the students.
• The portal shall be active for the whole training period / FY 23-24.

Assessment and Certification:

Assessment of trainee’s knowledge and competencies acquired should be conducted by the IA. For this purpose, IA will conduct continuous evaluation and assessment of the students. IA will also provide a certificate to trainees at the end of the course.

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