RFP for Engagement of VTP for Implementation of Vocational Education in Schools

Request for Proposal (RFP)/ Electronic Bids for selection of Vocational Training Provider (VTP) are hereby invited by the State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha (School Education Department) on behalf of Governor of Tripura from reputed Organizations having experience of implementing Vocational Education in Government Schools for utilizing their Educational Services, supply of Lab equipments and setting up of Vocational Education labs for Implementation of NSQF compliant Vocational Education programme under Samagra Shiksha in 55 Government Schools of Tripura.

List of important dates and Bid data

ae-Tender inviting
State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha (School Education Department), Government of Tripura
bName of workEngagement of Vocational Training Provider (VTP) for utilizing of Educational Services, Supply of Lab equipments and setting of Vocational Education Labs for implementation of NSQFcompliant Vocational Education programme under SamagraShiksha in 55 Government Schools of Tripura.
ce-Tender Reference IDNo. F.1(25-9)-SE/Samagra/VOC/2020/5720 Dated 13/10/2020
dMethod of SelectionThe method of selection will be L1 (Lowest Bid). Bidders will have to secure minimum of 60% Marks in technical bids to qualify for the financial bid opening. The contract will be awarded to the bidder with the cumulative lowest quoted price.
eDetails of Website where
document is available
f*Publishing date and time
of e-Tender
14/10/2020, 2:00 pm
g*Period of downloading
the e-Tender document
From 14/10/2020, 3:00 pm to 13/11/2020 till 03:00 PM
hpre-bid queries
*Period of Submission of
From 14/10/2020, 3:00 pm to 19/10/2020 till 03:00 PM throughe-mail ID [email protected]
i*Date and time of Pre-Bid
20/10/2020 at 3:00 PM
j*Start date of Bids
21/10/2020 from 11:30 AM onwards.
k*Last date of submission
of bids & EMD
13/11/2020 till 03:00 PM
lTender ValueRs. 345.125 lakh (Recurring Grant Rs. 180.125 lakh and Non-Recurring Grant:
Rs. 165.00 lakh)
mTender feeBidder’s need to submit a non-refundable tender fee amounting to Rs.2500/- (Rupees Two Thousand five hundred) only to be submitted online via the Payment Gateway in the e-tender Portal
nEarnest Money Deposit
INR. 7.00 Lakh (Rupees Seven lakh) only to be submitted online via the Payment Gateway in the e-tender Portal. EMD will be released within three months of issuing of work order. No interest will be paid on EMD amount during return of the same.
o*Date and time of
opening of Technical bid
16/11/2020 at 03:00 PM
p*Date and time of
opening of Financial bid
Will be separately notified to the shortlisted/ Qualified bidders.
qPlace of Pre-bid
meeting, opening of
Technical and Financial
In the Chamber of the Joint State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, 3rd floor, Shiksha Bhawan, Office Lane, Agartala-799001, Tripura
rBid validity180 days from the date of publishing of the e-Tender
sContract Period4 (four) years from the date of issuing of Award of Contract (AoC) / Work order
The successful bidder (VTP) shall have to deposit 5% value of quoted amount as a Performance Guarantee within 7 (seven) days from the date of receiving of the Letter of Intent (LOI) in the form of Fixed Deposit Receipt in favour of “Samagra Shiksha Rajya Mission, Tripura” from any Nationalized/ Scheduled Bank guaranteed by the Reserve Bank of India having Branch at Agartala. It will be forfeited in the following cases unless decided otherwise by Samagra Shiksha, Tripura:
a) When any terms and conditions of the Agreement are breached.
b) When the Organization (VTP) fails to provide the services as
specified in the Agreement (MoU).

I. *All the critical dates and times mentioned in this document are as per clock time of e- procurement portal https://www.tripuratenders.gov.in
II. The dates stipulated in the bid notice are firm and under any circumstances, they will not be relaxed unless officially extended.
III. To participate in the e-tendering process, the Bidder/Tenderer has to register with the Tripura Tender portal i.e. https://tripuratenders.gov.in. Interested bidders may download the paper from the portal and upload the complete digitally signed tender papers in the Tender portal https://tripuratenders.gov.in after Pre-Bid meeting. The firms desirous of applying for undertaking this work of supply of resources should meet all criteria as per e-Tender enquiry.
IV. Bidders should upload e-Tender form and their bids along with duly signed relevant papers etc. as detailed in the e-Tender document on the website https://tripuratenders.gov.in before closing date & time.
V. The Technical Bid(s) will be opened online in the portal on the date, time and venue mentioned above. Once the Technical Bid(s) accepted, the Financial Bids of the vendors (whose Technical Bids have been accepted) shall be opened online only, the date for which shall be communicated to the vendors through system generated Email/SMS. Bidder should also check the Tripura Tender portal (https://tripuratenders.gov.in) on regular basis for any update.
VI. In case of any un-scheduled holiday(s) or occurrence of some event beyond the control of the bid inviting authority on the day of opening, the bids will be opened on the next working day at the same time.

The Vocational subjects in the following sectors are to be introduced in Tripura for 55 Government Schools:

Sl. No.SectorJob RoleNo. of
1IT & ITeSDomestic Data Entry Operator28
2Electronics & HardwareField Technician- Other Home
3AgricultureSolanaceous Crop Cultivator16

Portal for Submission of e-Tender document: https://tripuratenders.gov.in

Last Date: 13/11/2020 upto 3.00 PM

To Download the RFP and Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria, click below link:

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